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The NYAP Pro body is based on the original NYAP designed and tied by James Christmas where a flat piece of foam is used to create a popper body rather than coned or round shaped foam

Category: EZ Bodies
Imitation: Baitfish
Colour: Black
Material: Foam
Available Sizes: #6/0, #4/0
Recommended Hook: Grip 21711NSL



You will need the following materials in order to tie the NYAP Pro:

  1. NYAP Pro bodies
  2. Grip 21711NSL or similar
  3. Black Strung Saddle Hackle
  4. Crystal Flash or Flashabou (any colour you desire)
  5. Red Crystal or Fritz Chenille
  6. Contact Adhesive (Do not use Super Glue)
  7. A very sharp razor blade



  1. I like to keep this fly as simple as possible without any fancy stuff in the tail.  I tie 6 to 8 hackles in the tail with only a couple of strands of crystal flash.
  2. I prefer to tie these flies with a matching colour thread suitable for saltwater flies