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Tiger Fish Flies

Our tiger fish flies are all tied on the Grip 21571BN #2, #1 and #1/0 hooks.  These are over sized high carbon steel hooks.  Their short shanks, chemically sharpened pints and extremely strong wire makes this the perfect hook for any tiger fish fly.  We even fish tarpon with these hooks.  Our range consist of a variety of bait fish patterns and we are expanding the range with effective new patterns all the time.  These flies are available in all the popular colours, let it be for the upper or lower Zambezi, Zambezi River flood plains or the big lakes.  Al flies are pre-rigged with 15″ #4 single strand wire trace.  The Tiger Clousers are tied with our medium brass dumbbell eyes on the #1/0 and small brass dumbbell eyes on the #1 while the whistlers are tied with 4mm brass bead chain eyes on both #1 and #1/0.

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