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Category: EZ Bodies
Imitation: Hopper
Colour: Lime
Material: Foam
Available Sizes: #8, #10, #12
Recommended Hook: Grip 14582



You will need the following materials in order to tie the Foam Wing Hopper:

  1. Foam Wing Hopper Bodies
  2. Grip 14582 or similar
  3. Fine Yellow or lime dry fly dubbing
  4. Natural or Olive CDC Feathers
  5. Natural or Olive CDC Dubbing
  6. White Antron Yarn
  7. Natural dyed yellow deer hair
  8. Olive barred Sili Legs



  1. The above materials are what I like to use to tie the Foam Wing Hopper.  You may however want to substitute materials as you desire.
  2. I prefer to tie these flies with a matching colour #6/0 thread