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Originator Jack Gartside
Category: EZ Bodies
Imitation: Bass Gurgler
Colour: Black
Material: Foam
Available Sizes: #4/0, #3/0, #2/0
Recommended Hook: Grip 53584BN



You will need the following materials in order to tie the Foam Beetle:

  1. Bass Gurgler Bodies
  2. Grip 53584BN
  3. Grip Sili Legs
  4. Grip Zonker Strips
  5. Cactus Chenille
  6. 50lb mono filament (Weed Guard)
  7. #3/0 waxed tying thread
  8. Super glue gel


  1. The above materials are what I like to use to tie the Bass Gurgler.  You may however want to substitute materials as you desire.
  2. I prefer to tie these flies with a matching colour #3/0 thread